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Toothette Swabs with Dentifrice 20/Bag


$ 6.99 $ 7.25

Sage 5601 Toothette Swabs comes with Dentifrice that leaves the mouth feeling fresh and clean as it reduces your patients’ risk of acquiring VAP (Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia). Each toothette is single use, latex free, has a soft foam head with perpendicular ridges, and features mint-flavored Dentifrice in each swab. 20/Bag

Sage Products provide you with toothette oral care that is both gentile on fragile oral tissues and convenient. Each single-use oral swab is specially designed to remove debris and oral secretion from the teeth gently and effectively. The contoured swab head allows you to clean between the teeth in some of those hard-to-reach areas and stimulate oral tissue for a healthy mouth that, with the help of the integrated Dentifrice, will leave your patient’s mouth feeling fresh, clean and healthy after each use.


    • Helps reduce bacterial colonization in the mouth and on tooth surfaces
    • Prevents VAP (Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia) by 42-60%
    • Stimulates oral tissue, while leaving the mouth feeling clean and fresh


      1. Removes debris and oral secretions from the teeth
      2. Soft foam heads
      3. Gentile on fragile tissues
      4. Perpendicular ridges
      5. Mint-flavored dentifrice
      6. Single use
      7. Latex free
      8. Made in USA
      9. Sold by: 20/bag

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