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NYS Requires AED Devices in Dental Offices

Beginning January 1st, 2012, all New York State Dental offices will now be required to have an onsite Automatic External Defibrillator (AED). These devices have proven to be effective in the event of cardiac distress and have been mandated in all public facilities for quite some time already. Though dental professionals are already required to be trained in the use of these devices, prior to this law, having one onsite was not necessary.

On June 17th, Governor Cuomo, supported by the NYS legislature and a number of public health advocacy groups signed into law a bill requiring AED devices in all dental offices. Data from the American Red Cross, American Heart Association, and other related agencies reports that the use of an onsite AED can reduce catastrophic effects such as brain damage or potentially death by nearly 60%. This new law, though requiring an initial investment from dental professionals will have a significantly positive effect on public safety.

Every minute that heart defibrillation is delayed reduces the survival rate of a patient by 10%. Emergency personnel will now have a greater chance of relieving patients in cardiac arrest, which will increase the likelihood of survival. Additionally, the user- friendly design of the AED device will allow monitoring of heart rhythm data and defibrillation efforts in order to have a clearer understanding of the patient's condition on arrival.

NYS has taken yet another step forward in the area of public safety. The long term benefit of the AED Bill will create a healthier New York. Devices, training, and support are available in order to ensure a smooth transition as dental professionals move into compliance with the new regulations.

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