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About Us

Mountainside Medical Equipment, Inc is a certified service disable veteran-owned small business that was established in June of 2002.


Capability Statement

Mountainside Medical Equipment is a medical supplies and equipment supply chain wholesaler to nursing homes, healthcare facilities, physicians, and government organizations since 2002. We have leveraged agreements with hundreds of medical manufactures to offer low-cost, comprehensive solutions to a global healthcare market. Our expansive product offerings are second only to exceptional product knowledge and customer support.


Drug and Prescription Medications Company Policy

Mountainside Medical is registered wholesaler of Drugs and/or Devices with the New York State board of Pharmacy. We require valid credentials for authorized healthcare professionals before shipping restricted drugs or devices order ships.

Mountainside Medical DOES NOT fill any prescriptions for Individuals. We strictly only sell RX items to medical professionals with valid medical licenses, like Doctors, Medical clinics, Hospitals, Nursing homes, and Government agencies. If we receive any order for RX Items for an individual that do not have a valid medical license, the order will be discarded immediately. We are a medical supply chain wholesaler that works will medical professionals directly, so they can perform the best care possible.

International Shipping

We only sell supplies to medical professionals inside the United States of America. Our Board of Pharmacy License prohibits us to ship items outside the  United States. All supplies MUST be shipped within the US.

Drug Ordering Process

1. Ordering Medications

Add medications to your shopping cart and checkout to complete your purchase.

2. Verification

With 24-48 hours of placing your order, someone from our company will be contacting you to validate that you are authorized to purchase these RX items and you have a valid medical licenses, that we will keep on file.

3. Processing and Fulfillment

Once we have confirmed and received you valid medical license, we will then process and fulfill your order. The license MUST be on fill before shipment. No Exceptions.

Prescription drugs form Affiliate Websites

Mountainside Medical WILL NOT fill and orders with RX items that DO NOT come through this website for verification first. If orders are sent though other websites, they will be disregarded upon submission.

Mountainside works very hard to uphold the quality standard set by the Federal Government and will not sell any products that are not FDA approved.

Process to become an Affiliate:

We have a process in place for any future sites looking to affiliate with us in the future.  The process starts with the potential affiliate site to first submit their company information, licenses, certifications and website for review.  We will begin the review process of their website, by viewing there company policies and standers to see if they match our own. Then we will take a look at the products they sell and the process they go through to sell their products. Are goal is to review their website to make sure that they meet the pharmacy program standers  and that they have the proper licensees and certifications to sell products. Any ads that they place that would affiliate with us would have to be review before going live for we can make the determination if they meet the program standards.


Health Information Stored for Prescription Drugs

Mountainside Medical DOES NOT store nor obtain any patient information. We only work with medical professionals directly. We do not have access to any databases or patient data.

Insurance for RX Items

Mountainside Medical DO NOT except patient insurance or  work with any insurance companies to fulfill Prescriptions drugs. We only work with the Medical professional directly and DO NOT handle any type of insurance.

Point of Contacts:
Christina Nelson - christinan@mountainside-medical.com
Martin Zarnock Jr - mountainsidemedical@hotmail.com
Sales: sales@mountainside-medical.com
Toll free: 1-888-687-4334
Martin J. Zarnock Sr. served in the United States Army as Staff Sergeant and was deployed to Vietnam from August 1968 until August 1970.         
Marty Zarnock Sr and Marty Zarnock Jr from Mountainside Medical Equipment a SDVOSB located in Marcy, New York (Upstate)


Vetbiz.Gov Vendor Verification Page      

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Cage number: 5HG63

Duns number: 119735871

Tax ID: 04-3688305

NYS Vendor ID: 1000000067

Tungsten Government Payment System OB10 Accepted   GHX Global Healthcare Exchange Company  
Mountainside Medical Team




SDVOSB New York State Certification for Mountainside Medical Equipment


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