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Manual Blood Pressure Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Unit with Cuff


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The manual inflation aneroid sphygmomanometer blood pressure gauge with adjustable nylon cuff is a lightweight bp sphyg used to take a patients blood pressure reading for hypertension. Basic Sphygmomanometer with graduated to 300 mmHg with a no-stop pin manometer. Calibrated blue nylon cuff with hook and loop closure.

Child Cuff, Arm Range: 18.4 to 26.7cm
Adult Cuff, Arm Range 23 to 33 cm
Large Adult Cuff, Arm Range: 34.3 to 50.8cm
#Thigh or Bariatric Cuff, Accommodates a arm or leg with the circumference between 45-52cm (17" to 30")

How to Control Common Variables Affecting Blood Pressure Measurement

Avoid talking for 30 seconds prior to measurement and for the entire time during the measurement. Avoid exercising, smoking, eating and drinking caffeinated beverages for at least 30 minutes prior to the measurement. -Take the measurement when the body is at a comfortable temperature. Avoid taking a measurement immediately after a hot bath or shower or in a room that is too cold. Avoid contracting the cuffed arm muscles during measurement. A table will provide good arm support and help keep the muscles in the cuffed arm relaxed. Position the cuffed arm at heart level before taking a measurement by resting the cuffed arm on a table or other sturdy surface. Patient should sit with feet flat on the floor and legs uncrossed when taking a measurement. Make sure the cuff fits snugly but not too tight. Inflate the cuff to approximately 40 mmHg over the normal systolic pressure. Avoid over-inflating the cuff. Be aware that anti-depressants, sympathomimetics and blood pressure medications can affect measurement results.

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