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Apply a Gauze Pad Dressing
Gently place sterile gauze pads at the center of the wound and move progressively outward to the edges of the wound site. Extend the gauze at least 1" (2.5 cm) beyond the incision in each direction and cover the wound evenly with enough sterile dressings (usually two to three layers to absorb all drainage until the next dressing change. Place additional dressings at the lowest part of the wound to absorb drainage as it collects there. Use large absorbent dressings to form outer layers, if needed, to provide greater absorbency. Secure the gauze pad dressing's edge to the patient's skin to tape or with a T-binder or Montmomery straps to prevent skin excoriation, which may occur with repeated dressing changes. Label the dressing with date and time of the dressing change with indelible ink or label the dressing according to your facility's policy.