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IV Administration Sets

IV Administration Sets (iv sets) provides healthcare providers with a fast, effective way to deliver fluids and medication to patients. Infusion IV therapy can be implemented in a variety of situations, such as: Dehydration, Electrolyte imbalances, and Specialized medication delivery. The type of IV administration set used depends on the rate and type of infusion desired and the type of IV Solution container used. Two types of drip sets are available; the macrodrip and the microdrip. The macrodrip iv set can deliver a solution in a large quantities at rapid rates because it delivers a larger amount with each drop. The microdrip set, used for pediatric patients and certain adult patients who require small or closely regulated amounts of IV Solution, delivers a smaller quantity with each drop. Administration tubing with a secondary injection port permits separate or simultaneous infusion of two solutions; iv tubing with a piggyback port and a backcheck valve permits intermittent infusion of a secondary solution and, on its completion.
How to determine the Proper IV set drip rate
To determine the proper drip rate, divide the volume of the infusion (in milliliters) by the time of infusion (in minutes) and then multiply this by the drip factor (in drops per milliliter) or use your unit's drip rate chart. After calculating the desired drip rate, remove your watch and hold it next to the drip chamber so that you can observe the watch and drops simultaneously. Release the clamp to the approximate drip rate. Then count drops for 1 minute to account for flow irregularities. Adjust the clamp, as necessary, and count drops for 1 minute. Continue to adjust the clamp and count drops until the correct rate is achieved.
How to Assemble a Piggyback IV Set
A piggyback iv set is useful for intermittent drug infusion. To work properly, the secondary set's container must be positioned higher than the primary iv set's container.

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