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Nurse Shortage

As the baby boomer generation ages, it has become evident that there may be an impending nurse shortage. Projections indicate that at the current rate of market growth, by 2020 the US may be short 400,000 nurses. More alarming, by 2030, the state of California alone could be 89,000 nurses shy of proper care. This trend has caught the attention of schools, governments, and an increasing aging population. Nursing continues to be a challenging yet rewarding profession, and despite the inherent difficulties, thousands of caring individuals are lining up to join the ranks. For the good of the country and community, appreciate the nurses that are providing us care, and encourage those inclined to learn.

The explosive growth of the baby boomer population has challenged many with the task of evaluating and planning for acute and long term care needs beyond what the country is prepared for. An already taxed healthcare system is facing one of the greatest challenges of our time, and that deadline is rapidly approaching. Many hospitals, schools, and community groups have encouraged the development and expansion of nursing programs which has led to increased students, but studies indicate there may still be a significant nurse shortage.

Despite the challenges of nursing, the expected nurse shortage is not due to workers leaving the profession. On the contrary, nursing is seen as a stable and rewarding profession and many aging nurses continue to practice well past retirement age. However, being a nurse is difficult, and often thankless. We ought to be grateful for the care we receive and support those that are committed to overcoming the overbearing challenge of the medical profession.

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