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Ear Wax Removal

Though the body's natural functioning prevents excessive buildup of Cerumen, ear wax removal products are sometimes necessary to expel excessive layers or obstructions. There are a variety of safe ear wax removal supplies including cotton tipped applicators, earwax removal drops, and specially designed curettes. Mountainside Medical Equipment offers a variety of these products to help augment the ear canal's natural functioning.

Earwax removal drops soften built up Cerumen so that it can be drained or flushed from the ear canal. Typically, these drops contain a chemical called Carbamide Peroxide that safely breaks up excessive earwax deposits without causing additional irritation to the ear. Sometimes, this is used in conjunction with a cotton tipped applicator, bulb syringe, or Waterpik to clear or flush the affected ear canal.

In addition to, or in lieu of ear wax removal drops, more serious blockages may require specialized instruments such as ear curettes. These are typically used by physicians but this is not necessarily the case. Ear curettes are designed to access the ear canal and wedge under the blockage so that it can be removed from the ear.

Whether performed at home or by a physician, ear wax removal is to be a delicate process as damage to the ear canal or drum may occur resulting in painful and potentially serious medical conditions. Caution should be exercised when using drops, curettes, or any other ear wax removal product and it is nearly always advisable to consult with a physician if the condition is extreme or persistent.

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