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Kidney Stones

An estimated 10% of the population will develop and pass kidney stones at some point in their life. In most cases, the removal or passing of calculi is normally performed by the body, but more serious cases may require medical intervention. It is recommended that kidney stones are strained from the urine when passed and kept and examined to identify cause.

What are Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones are a mass developed from the grouping of crystals that may have a variety of causes. Natural development of stones may be from levels of calcium, cystine, struvite, or uric acid. Medications such as acyclovir and triamterene may also trigger the formation of calculi. Frequently, the greatest risk of kidney stone development is low fluid intake.

Symptoms of Kidney Stones

Individuals with kidney stones may develop a number of symptoms including pain, impeded urinary functioning, and general degraded health. The most prevalent symptom of calculi is pain in the belly, back, or groin. More progressive conditions may affect urinary function, urine color, or even the presence of blood.

Testing for Calculi

When common symptoms are identified, physicians may test for stones using blood tests, urinalysis, or abdominal scans. These tests help to identify the existence and the type of stone so that they may be effectively treated and stopped from recurring.

Kidney Stone Removal

Most kidney stones pass with normal urinary functioning. Physicians typically recommend a pain reliever and increased water consumption to help breakup and pass the stones. Urine strainers are commercially available to save the stone for testing. In some cases, surgical intervention may be required if the stone creates a blockage or is too large to pass safely.

For additional information on the development, testing, and treatment of kidney stones, urinalysis, or calculi strainers, please feel free to browse online or contact a friendly service representative by phone today at 1-888-687-4334.

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