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Spill Kit Procedure

Spill Kit Procedure

The following documents a generic spill kit procedure for addressing nearly any kind of potentially hazardous spill. There are three basic steps to managing each spill effectively which are to assess the situation, cleanup the spill, and evaluate the occurrence. Follow the following spill kit procedure or any process outlined by your facility.


Spill Kit Assessment Procedure

1) Review the source and extent of the spill 2) Get assistance with cleanup for all but the most minor spills 3) Identify the materials and risk involve to develop a containment plan 4) Obtain all the necessary spill cleanup materials

Spill Kit Cleanup Procedure

1) Put on all personal protection equipment including gloves, masks, etc 2) Stop the source of the spill 3) Contain the spread of the spill 4) Absorb fluids and dispose of contaminated materials 5) Clean and disinfect the area

Spill Kit Evaluation Procedure

1) Assess the cause of the situation 2) Document all relevant information including parties and materials involved 3) Record cleanup and disposal information 4) Replenish all supplies

The above spill kit procedure applies to most types of spills. As previously mentioned, follow all safety procedures to ensure contamination has been contained and the incident has been adequately resolved.

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