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Celebrating the American Red Cross

In 1881, Clara Barton, a long time activist dedicated to humanitarian causes, persuaded representatives in Washington DC to adopt an American chapter of the Red Cross. Having been successfully offering aid internationally for years, the International Red Cross provided relief and support in response to challenges faced due to war, disease, and disaster. Ms. Barton enjoyed contributing to their efforts and convinced American leaders to adopt and support the concept in this country as well.

The American Red Cross boasts over 650 chapters nationwide and provides relief services with the aid of over 1 million volunteers and over 30 thousand employees. Supplying blood and blood products to over 3000 hospitals, the organization continues to provide assistance to disaster victims both locally and abroad.

Clara Barton spent nearly a century following ideals for the betterment of the world at large from contributions not only to the Red Cross, but to Women's and Black rights. Ms. Barton exercised care, hope, and community spirit through all her actions without caution for her own success. From the front lines of the civil war to using her family home for headquarters of the American Red Cross, her contributions show true selflessness.

We ask all to take a moment to remember and celebrate the contributions of Ms. Clara Barton and the American Red Cross in the support and relief that they have provided for millions around the world for over a century.

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