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Nutrition Delivery Methods

Various nutrition delivery methods are available and can be tailored to patient needs and changes in condition. There are three primary nutrition delivery methods including oral, enteral, and Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN). Each nutritional delivery model accommodates a level of patient need from moderate to severe.

Oral nutrition delivery is the method that most of us are familiar with and involves the consumption of food, fluids, and supplements. Often, the supplements are integrated into the meal plan to make them more palatable. Consider integrating reward systems based on eating preferences, such as allowing a favorite dessert when the patient makes an effort to consume the defined meal. Drinks like Ensure or Jevity are designed to provide complete nutrition while offering a pleasant taste.

Enteral feeding is a nutritional delivery method that utilizes a small feeding tube when patients have difficulty chewing or swallowing. Various formulas are designed based on patient need and may be delivered on a continuous or as needed basis. Enteral feeding requires regular x-rays to verify that the tube is positioned correctly.

Parenteral Feeding is a constant nutritional delivery method that utilizes an intravenous line to deliver nutrition to the patient. This option is typically only selected as a last resort when the patient cannot or will not comply with the other methods.

Adequate nutrition delivery is imperative to the successful healing of a patient and is often challenged by conditions that weaken their muscles, immune system, and even result in depression. By offering a variety of methods, health care providers are able to increase the chance of successful treatment.

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