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Immunodeficiency helps spread Salmonella in Africa

The recent outbreak of Salmonella in Africa is spreading fast, infecting the vast numbers of immunodeficient people. Given Africa’s recent history of fatal health concerns, the Salmonella bug has made itself at home. AIDS, malaria, and malnutrition are helping to spread the deadly Salmonella strain. The strain of Salmonella, known as invasive Non-Typhoidal Salmonella (iNTS), is passed from human to human. In other parts of the world this strain can only be found in contaminated food. The strain is also responsible for killing 22% - 45% of those who contract it. Those who are immune compromised are offering the perfect host situation for this infectious digestive disease. The original strains of Salmonella began to make their way across Africa 52 years ago, with a second strain following about 17 years later. This second wave created a mutation that makes the strain resistant to antibiotic therapies; the normal course of treatment. Taking advantage of the immune compromise nation, the iNTS strain is evolving into a Typhoidal strain. These implications can mean an even greater health emergency for the already suffering continent. While efforts have been underway to manage, and change the current health crisis, they may have come 17 years too late. More research will indicate specifications of the strain mutations. Scientists indicate that since AIDS is more controlled in other parts of the world, we will not likely see the current strain spread past African boarders. Scientist will continue to monitor the spread of the deadly salmonella strain caused by the prevalence of AIDS, malaria, and malnutrition in Africa.   Sources: Herald Sun: Medical News Today: BBC News:
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