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Talk Therapy Proven Effective for Depression

A new study out of Britain is paving a new path for depression sufferers. While there are many excellent medications for the treatment of depression, not all of them work for everyone. Even with prescription and dosage changes, some people have either negative response to the medications, or none at all. For these patients, talk therapy may be the way to go. The study reviewed how depression sufferers can gather positive results from cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT. CBT is becoming an increasingly popular form of therapy for people with depression and anxiety. Not only does it support positive effects yielded by the medications, but it is an excellent alternative for patients who receive no help from medication usage. Generally, the CBT sessions lasted anywhere from 30-60 minutes and the treatment course was to complete 12-18 sessions. These sessions resulted in fewer symptoms including less anxiety and fewer panic attacks. In addition, improvements in overall mental health were also reported. The comparative results between the CBT group and regular care groups showed that more CBT patients were able to handle their mental health problems more efficiently and quickly than those only taking medications. The CBT sessions focus on retraining a patient’s way of thinking so they can better handle their reactions to stress. The study emphasizes what many mental health professionals have alluded to for years; the combination of talk therapy with medication, or talk therapy alone can make a more positive impact on a patient and increase their overall mental well being.  There will be hurdles as new recommendations are made. Many people who would benefit from CBT have problems being able to afford it and many in other countries have little or no access to it. Over time, and as awareness grows, these promising findings may be able to benefit depression sufferers worldwide. Mental health specialists indicate that the new study just emphasizes the already impressive nature of the therapy for treatment in other stages of depression and feel that if used as a primary form of treatment, may be able to help depression sufferers cope without additional medications. Sources: BBC News - Health - MedPage Today - My Health News Daily -
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