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Young Cancer Patient Scores Nebraska Touchdown

Jack Hoffman, possibly one of the bravest kids alive, is suffering from pediatric brain cancer at the age of 7. On Saturday, April 6, Jack won the hearts of fans and everyone in the Nebraska football program for his extremely courageous fight and winning spirit. Jack was diagnosed with brain cancer in April of 2011 and has had 2 surgeries since then. He is currently on a 2 week break from a 60 week chemotherapy regimen.

The star running back of the Nebraska Huskers, Rex Burkhead, became friends with Jack last year and became the captain of the support network called “Team Jack.” Jack showed up at the game wearing a mini Burkhead uniform complete with the number 22 on the back as he ran out onto the field late in Saturday’s scrimmage. On a 4th-and-1 play, Jack took a handoff running. Following a wall of blockers down the field, Jack was joined by players from both the red and white teams as they left the sidelines and ran with Jack down into the end zone to celebrate and lift him on their shoulders after his 69-yard touchdown. A large crowd of over 60,000 people at the Memorial Stadium cheered as little Jack celebrated, a moment that brought tears to his father’s eyes.

Jack’s dad, Andy, said Jack is doing great and that his last MRI at the Children’s Hospital in Boston showed that his tumor has shrunk substantially in the past year. Jack’s parents and family are extremely optimistic for him. Burkhead, who is currently preparing to head off to the NFL draft, said he enjoyed watching Jack score his touchdown just as much as he enjoyed scoring his own touchdowns for the Huskers. “Jack is a fighter, a strong kid. To see him run around and enjoy the Husker experience, it’s a dream come true, especially for kids in the state of Nebraska. For Jack to get down here and do it, I know it made his day,” said Burkhead.

What a thrilling and beautiful experience for little Jack! He had an experience that most kids can only dream of and he has become an inspiration for many. Hopefully his experience will motivate him to continue to be a tough fighter against his fight with pediatric brain cancer. Fight on, Jack!

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