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Pomegranate: The Power Food

Looking to slow down the aging process? Spike Viagra-like effects for men? Stop the spread of cancer and improve heart health? The pomegranate just may be the answer to all of these questions. This low calorie fruit, only about 105 calories for an average-sized one, is loaded with nutrients like vitamin C and potassium and boasts high levels of antioxidants. If you eat the seeds rather than just drinking the bottled juice, you will add fiber to your diet, as well.

These tiny seeds can help improve your health in many ways. The polyphenois that are present in pomegranates may slow aging. Any food rich with polyphenois has been reported to extend lifespan. The juice may also slow the buildup of cholesterol for those who have risk factors associated with heart disease. If you struggle with blood pressure issues, it has been said that the juice significantly improves blood pressure in only a week, compared to those who just drink water. It also zaps inflammation, so if you’re suffering from arthritis, pomegranates may prevent the onset and severity of the pain.

Both men and women can benefit from drinking pomegranate juice because it has proven to increase the level of testosterone in the saliva. The benefits of testosterone include increased muscle, reduced fat, renewed energy, better moods and, of course, improved sex drive. Throughout history, the pomegranate has been a symbol of fertility and has been thought to have aphrodisiac powers. A small study published in Journal of Impotence Research suggested that pomegranate juice might have natural Viagra-like effects. 47% of men with mild-to-moderate erectile dysfunction reported improvement after drinking the juice daily for one month, compared to 31% of men who drank apple juice.

There are plenty of benefits that come with eating a sweet, low calorie fruit, so why not give it a try? Pomegranates may also fight different types of cancer and have the potential to fight Alzheimer’s Disease. What do you have to lose? Look at your local grocery store today and start getting healthier and enjoying life!

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