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Relay for Life Raises $1.67 Million for Cancer

If you’ve never heard of Relay for Life, it’s an amazing organization that raises money to find a cure for cancer and also brings people together who all have something in common; their lives have been affected by this horrific disease in some way. Each year more than 4 million people in over 20 countries raise money and awareness for cancer through the Relay for Life movement. Those who have been affected and those who have survived celebrate what they have overcome and honor those who are or were fighting cancer. Relay for Life also encourages people to fight back and take charge of the disease that has taken so much from them.

This year the Relay for Life in Bakersfield, CA raised $1.67 million, which is less than in previous years, but still a very impressive amount of money in support of cancer research. Participants were thrilled with the money their efforts raised. The weekend of May 4 called together family, friends, co-workers and cancer survivors to camp out in a huge tent the city of Bakersfield created. The participants do a variety of different activities while at least one member of their team walks along the quarter-mile loop at all times. Money is also generated by the participants long before the long weekend begins.

This year, Bakersfield brought out over 1,700 cancer survivors, along with 370 teams and more than 6,500 registered individual participants. Local businesses put together teams to raise larger amounts of money, while other, smaller teams were named after people they know who have passed from cancer, people who have fought and survived or those who are currently in a battle with the disease. Everyone at the event was happy and cheerful because they knew that this event not only raises money and awareness, it also promotes brother and sisterhood and inspires love.

The Relay for Life happens all over the United States. Find out when your local Relay for Life is taking place and do your part to help. Not only will you feel great about what you have done to help such a needy cause, but you may meet people who have shared a similar experience. You will have absolutely nothing to lose by getting involved, if anything you have so much to gain!

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