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Breast Cancer Linked to Cell Phone Storage on Chest

Your bra may be a convenient place to store your cell phone while you’re out – especially since they’ve started developing bras with cell phone pockets – but scientists have found a disturbing health trend associated with this. Women who routinely put cell phones in their bra seem to be at a higher risk of breast cancer than those who do not.

News channel KTVU spoke with two young women who, after keeping their cell phones in their bras for over five years, developed breast cancer in the same place their cell phones rested against their skin. Breast surgeons have also recently found an increase in male breast cancer from men who keep their cell phones in their shirt pocket.

Although many people keep their cell phones in their pants pocket, no links to cancer in the hip bones or genital cancers are attributed to cell phones. So why are cell phones causing breast cancer? According to researchers, breast tissue tends to be more sensitive to changes – like the radiation emitted from your cell phone - than the tissue in other parts of the body.

Even though there are studies still in the works regarding the link between breast cancer and cell phone placement, the two women who were interviewed by KTVU should be warning signs to us all. Keep your cell phone either in your purse or pants pocket - not in your bra or shirt pocket.



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