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Hyperthermia Alert Issued for Northeast

The Northeast is being slammed by smoldering heat, which has it's risks. The heat has caused a hyperthermia alert to be released by officials in Washington D.C as well as other areas across the Northeast including Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Connecticut, and more!

The alert was issued just a few days ago when the heat index sky rocketed to a blistering 96 degree temperature on the heat index and was predicted to rise. According to a spokeswoman for D.C’s Department of Human Services, “The alert is issued for homeless people, senior citizens and other vulnerable populations who may not have access to air-conditioning.”

The warning has been issued for people to be aware that with these extreme temperatures, comes hyperthermia, a condition characterized by an abnormally high body temperature which causes dizziness, disorientation and in some severe cases, even death. The most common forms are heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Other signs of heat-related illness include:

- Nausea, cramping or vomiting - Bizarre behavior, including combativeness- the urge to fight or become belligerent - Lethargy or loss of consciousness - Staggering or convulsions

If you or someone you know seems to be experiencing hyperthermia  seek medical attention immediately. Here are some things you can do to help you stay cool and hydrated during the heat wave.

- Be sure to stay hydrated- drink plenty of water and fluids with electrolytes - Take cool showers or baths for fast relief from the heat - Try to stay in the shade while outdoors- if need be, carry an umbrella to hide from the sun - Wear breathable, loose fitting clothing - Remember your cooling aftersun lotion - especially after a sunburn.

Stay cool and stay safe this summer! High temperatures are expected to continue throughout the week, but the weekend is promising to bring some cooler air – one more reason to look forward to the weekend!



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