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7 Ways to Make Your Vet Visits Easier

Taking your little buddy to the veterinarian is no fun or easy task. However, regular visits to the vet - especially when your pet is sick - are crucial for your animal’s health.

In light of this, we’ve put together the 7 best ways to help you make vet visits easier on both you and your pet.

1. Handle with care Both dogs and cats have sensitive areas on their bodies, especially their paws, ears and tummies. Sometimes, when pets are not used to being handled in these areas, they can get stressed out and act aggressively. Try giving you pet a treat or toy while picking up its paw. The goal is to develop a positive association with being handled which will make it easier for the vet to examine your pet. 2. Put together a cozy crate Sometimes, pet owners can make the mistake of only pulling out a crate or carrier when it’s time to go to the vet - this can not only confuse but terrify your animal. Try this for a change: spice up the crate or carrier with your pet’s favorite blankets, treats and toys. Encourage them to spend time in the crate or carrier so when it is time to make a visit to the vet, your pet is ready to go! 3. Park the car & play! Sit with your pet in the car and simply play. Do this for a few days, then on the 4th day turn on the engine and continue to play while the car is in park. This activity will get your animal used to the sound of a running motor. Once you notice they are more comfortable in the car, start driving. Go only small distances at first and gradually progress. 4. Call the Vet and make an appointment to play Imagine if you only saw the doctor when you had to get a shot - you would probably be scared too! Instead of just going to the vet for shots, go to the vet for some supervised play time with your pet. This way, your pet will associate the environment with a place where they receive love and can have some fun. 5. Set the mood To ease your animal’s anxiety, try using a scent. We would recommend using lavender because of its soothing powers. Also, during the car ride to the vet, try playing relaxing, instrumental music in the car. 6. Have a chat If another pet owner sees you talking to your pet, we assure you that you will not receive any crazy glances - especially at the vet. Try talking to your pet once you’re at the vet, talking in a calming voice can help relax them. 7. Use a mat Sometimes the biggest issue for animals may just be the cold hard surface of the vet table. Make their stay on the table more bearable and pack a yoga mat! Place it on the exam table and your pet will feel more comfortable. Plus, they won’t slide around as much, which can make the exam go smoother.




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