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Reducing Computer Eye Strain Risk

Posted on November 12 2013

Is your vision blurry or do you have a pounding headache because of all the squinting and straining at your computer screen? You may have noticed your eyes feel dry, itchy or irritated after sitting at a computer for hours on end.

Are computers really to blame for your eye strain? The answer is yes, excessive computer use can definitely do damage to your eyes. Recent studies have shown that between 50 and 90 percent of people who work at a computer all day have eye strain symptoms. The problem is becoming so common that there is even a name for it - Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

How can I reduce eye irritation?

In addition to specialty computer eye relief drops there are quick and easy steps that you can take to reduce eye strain. These steps are easier than you may think:

Blink, breathe & break! The 3 B’s of eye strain prevention. Normally, people blink around 18 times per minute, which refreshes the eyes naturally. But blink rates are reduced when staring at a computer screen or other electronic device. Try to remember to blink often to moisten and refresh your eyes. Practicing correct breathing can relax eye muscles so be conscious of your breathing - especially in stressful situations. Also, because computer work often requires intense concentration, frequent breaks are a must. Our eyes are not designed to be used at that close distance for long periods of time.

Lower that monitor. Since reading is normally done with the book held in a lowered position, having your monitor positioned straight on is unnatural. It is best to make sure the top of the screen is level with your eyes. This allows for a slightly lowered viewing angle.

Reduce glare. Reduce your risk of monitor glare by angling the monitor so that there is no reflecting of any lights on the font surface of the monitor. For further glare reduction, ask your optometrist about getting tinted lenses. They don’t have to be as dark as sunglasses - even lenses with the slightest tint can help.

Give your eyes the relief they need by reducing the risk of eye strain today!


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