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Gardening Solution – Wearing Shoe Covers Helps Keep The Dirt Outside!

Shoe covers aren’t just for wearing in hospitals, labs, and operating rooms! How many times have you been working away out in the garden, and covered in mud, when the phone rings or you suddenly have to go to the bathroom? What do you do when your shoes are all muddy but your hands are full of flowers or veggies from the garden that you don’t want to drop? Do you track the mud in with you to grab the phone or do you stop and take the time to remove your muddy shoes before going inside and risk missing the phone or dropping your fresh veggies? Putting muddy shoes on and off is time consuming and annoying! My grandmother would tell you to use plastic grocery bags or food storage bags to keep your shoes clean, but they look funny, are uncomfortable, and are dangerously slippery.


Using shoe covers is a quick, easy, safe, and inexpensive way to keep the mud and dirt contained outside and keep your footwear nice and clean so they last longer.  Plus, who wants to spend a bunch of time trying to clean all that mud and dirt off their shoes every time they go out to work in the garden? Using shoe covers helps make cleanup a cinch. They easily slide on right over your favorite pair of gardening shoes/boots, most styles are made with traction on the bottoms to help prevent you from slipping and falling, and most are made out of impervious materials that repel mud and fluids to help keep your shoes and feet dry. Once you’re done working simply slide the muddy shoe covers off and then either wash them off and save them to reuse later on or dispose of them along with your normal trash. Make your life a little easier by getting some shoe covers to wear while you’re working outside and getting all muddy! Mountainside Medical Equipment offers a large selection of shoe covers. Choose from ankle heights or knee heights, varying thicknesses and materials, and a wide range of sizes.

Benefits of Wearing Shoe Covers While Gardening:

-- Protects your footwear from mud, dirt, and other contaminants

-- Helps keep your footwear in better condition so they last longer

-- A great way to prevent tracking mud and dirt (as well as bugs and other contaminants from the garden) into the house and/or your vehicle

-- Makes cleanup quicker and easier, saving you more time to do other things



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