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Vitamin D Deficiency Increases Risk of Preterm Birth

Posted on January 15 2015

Numerous studies back up the understanding that preterm birth is detrimental to child development affecting the eyes, ears, brain, lungs, digestive, and immune systems. A recent study published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology has correlated an increased risk of preterm birth with deficiencies in Vitamin D. Though the data does not yet prove a direct cause and effect relationship, there is a notable increase in preterm birth risk.


Vitamin D is essential to the growth and maintenance of healthy bones, muscles, and nerves. Exposure to sunlight and a few foods help the body to produce the necessary Vitamin D. Current recommendations for pregnant women indicate that 600 IU of Vitamin D is a target daily level.


Reviewing thousands of pregnancies over a 10 year time span, it was found that Vitamin D deficiency increased the risk of preterm birth by 1.5 times. However, researchers are not recommending that women start taking additional supplements to correct this deficit. The strongest recommendation included taking a prenatal vitamin, which is recommended for pregnant women. Most of these, such as One A Day Women's Prenatal, include Vitamin D (400IU).


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