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Senior Fall Risk Increasing

A recent study performed in conjunction with the National Institutes of Health has indicated that the percentage of falls among adults 65 and older is rising. It was assumed that the overall number of falls would increase with the population, but researchers have found that the rate is increasing as well.


Falls can be particularly debilitating to older adults who may require surgical treatment, hospital stays, and can detract from quality of life. Often, these patients do not fully recover from the fall and fail to regain their prior level of functioning and independence.


Study authors have indicated that there are ways to help reduce the risk of falls among the senior population. Some of the most common recommendations include:


- Removal of rugs and other obstructions on the floor

- Maintaining adequate lighting, especially in stairwells and hallways

- Monitor reactions to medications and consult physicians regarding changes

- Participate in exercise to build and strengthen muscle, and balance

- Maintain a well balanced diet

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