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Delaying Vaccination Schedules Increases Risk

In a survey of American pediatricians, it was found that 93% of respondents have had requests from parents to delay or avoid vaccination each month. There are a variety of reasons provided for not getting children vaccinated, but physicians fear that this may put children at unnecessary risk. Due to the recent measles outbreak originating in Disneyland, a great deal of attention is now being focused on the need for and timing of vaccinations.


Parents offer a number of reasons for modifying vaccination schedules including religious belief, personal beliefs, and fears. Some parents have expressed concern that there are too many vaccinations given in a short time, that this may put the immune system at risk, or that all the injections may cause too much trauma to the child. Most requests, however, are not to stop vaccination, but to delay the schedule over a longer period of time. Physicians warn that this change in schedule may put the children and other community members at greater risk.


Physicians have indicated that the vaccination schedule is based on research to provide the maximum benefit and alleviate serious health risk. The proven vaccination schedule has not been verified to be effective if altered. Many are indicating that the recent measles outbreak is a direct result of the delays and avoidance of vaccination by a subset of parents.

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