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Avian Flu Epidemic Spreads Through China

Researchers monitoring the transmission of avian flu throughout regions of China have found that it is aggressively spreading throughout the country. In previous outbreaks, such as 2013, H7N9 infected over 300 individuals and resulted in over 100 deaths. Scientists believe that avian influenza, bird flu, may be the great flu responsible for the death of over 100 million in 1918.   Analyzed data suggests that avian influenza may have spread throughout most of mainland China, and researchers believe that due to ineffective monitoring, it could be worse than they think. One of the reasons for the spread of bird flu throughout China is that much of the regulation is on open markets, but not large scale poultry farms. It is believed that since the larger operations have confined and ventilated facilities, this may restrict the spread of H7N9. However, researchers have suggested that these facilities may actually increase the spread and create a breeding ground for the bird flu.   The major concern among scientists is that the avian flu will mutate and become a pandemic among the human population. Strains of the flu, including avian flu, are known to mutate rapidly and a number of variants have already been discovered. Efforts to prevent the spread of transmission are being suggested including regulation of the poultry industry in China, monitoring, and the use of personal protective equipment.
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