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Undiagnosed Migraines

Posted on April 29 2015

More than just a headache, undiagnosed migraines can result in decreased quality of life for many. In the United States alone, between 35-40 million individuals suffer from migraines and are never formally diagnosed. Undiagnosed migraine sufferers cannot get the proper evaluation and treatment of symptoms. Migraines are related to a neurological disorder and are not the same as typical headaches. Symptoms occurring more than 15 days in a month or severe enough to be disabling should be evaluated by a healthcare professional. Women are three times more likely than men to suffer from migraines, and the likelihood of migraines tends to be a genetic trait. Undiagnosed migraines may be indicated by symptoms such as: - Moderate to severe head pain - Throbbing head pain - Head pain lasting from 4 hours to several days - Nausea or vomiting - Headache that worsens with movement - Sensitivity to light, sound, and odors - Headaches that affect concentration - Headache with dizziness or vertigo - Headache that interferes with daily activity - Temporary vision or language problems


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