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Spring Dry Eye Symptoms

Physicians and patients have been increasingly working together to treat dry eye symptoms which can cost nearly $4 billion annually in medical care in the U.S. alone. Persistent dry eye can result in burning, irritation, and blurred vision affecting overall wellness and quality of life. Additional research is being performed to determine the causes and most effective treatments for dry eye. Spring dry eye symptoms tend to be brought on by an increase of pollen in the air. When the spring season spikes, 18.5 percent of patients are diagnosed with dry eye. The lowest rates of eye dryness occur in the summer where approximately 15 percent of patients show symptoms. Indoor dryness from heating systems during winter were thought to be the most prevalent cause of dry eye symptoms until recently. However, spring dry eye symptoms have been linked to an increase in pollen count and are being included in a regular part of allergy prevention and control. Researchers are urging the use of goggles while performing yard work, and the use of air filters indoors. Additionally, some patients may find dry eye relief from the use of treatments such as artificial tears.
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