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Diabetes Complications Increase Dementia Risk

Posted on August 12 2015

More than 29 million Americans have diabetes, and inadequate control can lead to a variety of new or worsening health conditions including vision loss, kidney failure, and nerve damage. However, a recent study also indicates that those with diabetes complications were at an increased risk of mental decline and dementia. During the course of a 12 year study, researchers examined over 400,000 patients and evaluated their overall health, diabetes, and cognitive ability. It was found that more than 6% of these individuals were diagnosed with dementia, and there was a distinct correlation between diabetes complications and increased dementia risk. The healthcare industry has urged persons with diabetes to take steps to better control blood glucose levels, and this study supports those recommendations. It is crucial that those with diabetes work with their medical providers to control blood sugar levels and maintain overall health. Adequate disease management can help reduce the risk of dementia later in life as well as reducing nerve damage, kidney damage, and eye damage.


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