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Treating Rosacea

Treating Rosacea

 Millions of Americans are treated for the skin condition  Rosacea which is a disease that can cause facial redness,  bumps, pustules, visible blood vessels, and watery eyes. In  many cases, Rosacea can have a significant effect on quality  of life for those afflicted. Recent research indicates that  Rosacea is half genetic and half environmental, so prevention  may not be possible, but treatment absolutely helps improves outcomes. In a study of nearly 300 pairs of twins, researchers studied participant lifestyles, medical histories, and dermatological screenings. Throughout this process it was identified that genetics were 46% of the cause of Rosacea symptoms. The remainder of causes were identified as sun exposure, obesity, smoking, drinking, and heart disease. Even though one may be born with Rosacea, the effect of the condition can be limited by taking a variety of actions to prevent aggravating the condition. In particular, the most important technique for lessening the skin disease is living a clean lifestyle that emphasizes moderate eating, exercise, skin protection in the sun, and avoiding tobacco and alcohol. Additionally, there are a variety of skin cleansers and ointments that can help to keep skin free of redness, bumps, pustules, etc. Always contact a healthcare professional when modifying lifestyle or treatment options.

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Mountainside Medical Equipment - October 7, 2016

Hi Cyninbend,
That was a great story! It was very informative and you offered several solutions that worked for you to clear your rosacea. Thank you for sharing your experience. Hopefully this helps other with this serious skin disorder.

Mountainside Medical Equipment - October 7, 2016

Hi Charlene,
We apologize for the delayed response! It is not proven that rosacea completely dissolves, but there are a few methods that can cause it to subside. Eating non-spicy foods, non-dairy, non-alcoholic beverages, smoking, and many other methods can disable symptoms of rosacea.

Charlene Wiles-Perry - October 1, 2016

Is it possible to outgrow rosacea? I had it almost my entire adult life and for over 10 years I took tetracycline. A few years ago, I was no longer able to get the tetracycline. I did not do anything more for the rosacea, thinking I would just live with it….it cleared up about 5 years ago and has not returned. Of course, I’m thrilled about it, but my daughter has it bad and nothing helps her. She is in her 40’s now. I’m 62 now.

cyninbend - October 1, 2016

In my mid-30s, I got sick with epstein barre and issues with my spine pinching off my bladder nerve. I became very weak, and within a couple of years, I developed serious rosacea—pustules that never popped but burned and peeled. The doctor prescribed metrogel—the cream made peeling and flushing worse, but the gel provided relief. After my marriage ended (he was very sloppy, lotsa dust) I moved to central Oregon from inland Southern California. I began using philosophy skin care, and various facial peel pads used nightly for wrinkles, pores, etc—and the rosacea cleared up completely! I don’t know if it’s the clean dry air, or the acids in the facial pads (vit. C, glycolic acid, etc). I’ve used several differentpads, philosophy, Dr. Denese, and Serios Skin Care, from qvc and hsn—and they all work similarly, keeping my skin clear and exfoliated. I also found Bare Minerals makeup to be very protective but not clogging etc, like ordinary makeup. It takes practice, but goes on in a couple of minutes—just brush on the powdered minerals and you’re done—and skin is protected from sun, wind, dirt, pet stuff… I had very clear skin so long as I took care of it until the rosacea struck—and then I’d sit and cry. Now it’s the skin I expected to have as a senior. I’d just advise keeping skin as clean as possible, esp pet fur, pillow cases, etc. And try different cosmetics, avoid creams, and don’t touch face. Then relax, because it will clear up!

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