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National Aphasia Awareness Month: Resources

National Aphasia Awareness Month: Resources

Recently we posted about National Aphasia Awareness Month, dedicated to an impairment of language that affects anything from speaking, to comprehending speech, to the ability to read or white. Any form of brain injury can result in aphasia, but the most common cause is stroke. There are at least 2 million Americans with aphasia, but awareness of the condition is limited. That's why we've put together this list of valuable resources for learning about Aphasia!


There are a number of organizations providing awareness about both aphasia as well as the conditions that cause it.

American Stroke Organization

Aphasia Institute

National Aphasia Association

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Resources About Communication

If you're struggling to communicate as either a patient or caregiver, there are a number of publications with tips.

American Stroke Organization's Aphasia Communication Resources

Aphasia Corner's Aphasia Simulations: demonstrations of what it's like to communicate with aphasia.

National Aphasia Association: Aphasia Caregiver Guide

Tactus Therapy: online aphasia applications to improve communication.

Support Groups and Connections

If you want to connect to other aphasia patients, or caregivers, you have many options!

Aphasia Hope Foundation

Aphasia Recovery Connection

Aphasia Recovery Connection's Facebook Page


Looking for a more personal take on aphasia? Blogs are a great start! Learn about the experiences of real people with aphasia who share their stories online.

The Aphasia Center

Aphasia Corner Blog

Aphasia Will Not Be Silent

Faces of Aphasia


Speechless: from the creators of a documentary about aphasia.

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