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Patient Experience Week 2022: 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Health Care Staff

Patient Experience Week 2022: 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Health Care Staff

Patient Experience Week is celebrated every April to recognize how a health care staff impacts the quality of a patient's care. Everyone at a hospital has an effect on the patient experience: doctors, nurses, lab techs, housekeepers, environmental services employees, and volunteers. Every interaction between a staff member and a patient helps shape that patient's care, and positive experiences improve health care outcomes, patient engagement, and patient loyalty and retention. We've got some ideas on how to celebrate hardworking health care professionals below!

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1. Send a card to your favorite health care employee or staff

If a specific staff member or department staff has positively affected your care, show your appreciation with a small gift! Greeting cards, gift cards, and flowers are always welcome, and any department would probably welcome coffee and donuts for the break room. Even a simple e-card or email of thanks can brighten someone's day, and you can always pair them with a online gift card for a streaming service or online retailer.

2. Get active on social media and share your story

Let the world know how much you appreciate health care staff! Post on your favorite social media about the importance of what they do, and if you know any personally, tag them by using #pxweek. This is a great time to share your story of how the staff of a medical facility or doctor's office has impacted your life and helped you during a difficult time for your health.

3. Donate to a health organization or charity

Many of us can't give our time right now, but financial help is always valuable. Consider a donation to Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF, or the World Health Organization's COVID-19 Response Fund.

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4. Recognize your coworkers and staff

If you work in health care right now, you're probably experiencing high levels of stress and burnout, and so are the people who work with you. Show your appreciation for them! Give certificates of appreciation for their hard work, schedule a pet or therapy animal visit from a local animal shelter, order lunch for the staff, or get the staff together to film videos in appreciation of each other. And be sure to post everything to your website and social media!

5. Improve the patient experience

Health care facilities and staff are stretched thin in many places right now, but there are still ways that you can ensure your patients are getting the care that they need. Ask your patients for feedback on their care experience, especially during this difficult medical situation, and discuss it with your staff. Keep your patients and their families informed about their care, and ensure they understand all their treatment options.


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