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Seasonal Allergies: Relief and Symptom Prevention

With the warm weather upon us, we have so much to look forward to. Trips to the beach, family vacations and holiday cook outs. Yet there is one thing that many of us dread once spring and summer are here and that is seasonal allergies.

Whether you suffer with itchy watery eyes, sneezing and stuffy nose or a scratchy swollen throat, there are ways to fight these symptoms and get you on your way to a day full of fun in the sun!

Start with little steps that make a big difference. No need to do the research, we did it for you! Here is a list of some simple and smart ways to get you on your way to feeling great and managing your allergy symptoms with the proper prevention and treatment.

Child With Allergies

  1. Monitor daily pollen counts. When the counts are high and you have to be outside, be sure to prepare yourself with the appropriate allergy medication that works best for you.
  2. Use Hepa filters. Hepa filters are great for trapping allergens and dust that may cause irritation and trigger allergic reactions.
  3. After being outside, be sure to shower. Pollen loves to stick to our hair, skin and clothes which in return gets transferred to our pillows, sheets, and furniture. Reduce the amount of pollen that you are breathing in when you are at home by having your family wash off all of that dreaded pollen after being outdoors.
  4. Wash sheets, rugs, and curtains regularly. As previously mentioned, these allergens get transferred from outdoors to indoors on a daily basis. By vacuuming, washing your bedding and even throwing the curtains in the wash for a cycle, you are cutting down on the amount of allergy symptom triggers resulting in….less runny noses!
  5. Lastly, keep car and house windows closed for days when the pollen count is high. No one likes seeing their car dashboard or kitchen counters speckled with yellow pollen particles, it only means two things; one, you have to clean, and two, constantly reaching for the tissues.

Now that you have a plan of attack to help reduce your coughs and sneezes, check out some of our favorite products right here to add to your "feel good summer arsenal" today.

Also, be sure to check out our "Allergy" Pinterest board for more tips, tricks, and products for everyone in your family. 

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