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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

Sodium Bicarbonate Injection Shortage

As of April 1st, 2017 Sodium Bicarbonate for Injection is on a Nationwide backorder in the United States. Hospira Pfizer Injectables products affected by this backorder include; 7.5%, 50 mL LifeShield syringe, 10 count (NDC 00409-4916-34), 8.4%, 10 mL syringe, 10 count (NDC 00409-4900-34), 8.4%, 50 mL LifeShield syringe (10 count, NDC 00409-6637-34), and Sodium Bicarbonate 8.4% Injection, 50 mL vial, 25 count (NDC 00409-6625-02). Hospira Pfizer Injectables is indicated that these products will be available in Late November 2017 due to manufacturing delays.

 Pfizer Injectables              Pfizer Sodium Bicarbonate 8.4%          8.4% Hospira Lifeshield Sodium Bicarbonate Prefilled Syringe

Mountainside Medical Equipment currently does have In-stock (as of April 12, 2017) some of the International Medication Systems (Amphstar) brand Sodium Bicabonate 8.4% Injection Prefilled Syringes available.

For the latest Drug Shortage Updates on Sodium Bicarbonate and other FDA Approved Drugs, please give our knowledgeable medical team a call toll free at 1-888-687-4334.



 In Stock Sodium Bicarbonate for Injection


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Gary Burris, DDS - June 11, 2018

I am looking for a source of 8.4% sodium bicarbonate solution in 10ml vials. I use
the solution to buffer my dental anesthetic carpules. 50ml bottles are common, but my local pharmacy says they cannot get 10ml vials. Can you supply this? Thank you. I currently use the Onset brand of buffering, but it is cost
prohibitive, even though it is convenient to use. I am paying over $12,000/ year for this convenience.
Thank you. Gary Burris,DDS

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