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Specialty Socks: Diabetes and Circulatory Footwear

Most would agree that nothing is more exciting than buying or receiving socks. But there's a world beyond even the everyday thrill of socks, and that's the world of medical socks and stockings. Whether you're diabetic, have a bariatric condition, or are dealing with circulatory issues, there's a type of sock available to help improve your comfort and circulation.

Diabetic Socks

Foot care is exceptionally important to anyone with diabetes, as they're more prone to foot injury or infection. Diabetes-related neuropathy, or nerve damage, decreases sensation, increases the risk of injury to the foot, and decreases your ability to notice an injury. Meanwhile, poor circulation from diabetes causes injuries to heal more slowly and inhibits immune response, which can cause infections to become so dangerous that amputation is sometimes necessary to prevent further spreading. Diabetic socks, non-elastic and seamless, reduce constriction that limits blood flow.

Signs you may need diabetic socks:

  • Changes in foot color or temperature.
  • Redness or irritation on feet.
  • Foot nerve damage.
  • Blisters or fungus on feet.
  • Extreme foot moisture or sweat: diabetic socks wick away moisture, reducing the risk of fungal infections.
  • Gestational diabetes during pregnancy: diabetic socks help prevent blood clots from forming in swollen feet.


Diasox Diabetic Socks

Diasox Diabetic Socks Medium

These are a great example of effective diabetic socks with multiple features to assist circulation and comfort. Breathable, antimicrobial fabric containing nylon and spandex wicks away moisture and prevents fungal infections from growing. They have a seam-free feel for comfort and are designed to stay up without constricting or leaving marks, allowing for increased blood flow without needing constant adjustment.


Compression Socks

If you've got a peripheral artery disease that blocks blood flow to or from your feet, compression socks may be for you. Compression socks or stockings are actually meant to increase constriction, typically being tighter around the ankle and loosening further up the leg, in order to push blood back up towards your heart. Some compression stockings are even more specialized, designed to prevent embolisms from forming when bedridden after surgery. All socks within this category are measured by pressure level (mm Hg).


Anti-Embolism Compression Socks

Anti-Embolism Compression Stockings

These provide a great example of compression socks that can also be used in an anti-embolism capacity. These medium leg support (18 mm Hg) stockings are composed of 71% nylon and 29% spandex for effective moisture wicking and a smooth, comfortable fit. Their open-toe design allows for easy inspection and monitoring of feet.


Bariatric Socks

These are much like regular socks, typically seamed and with an elastic band, but made in extra-wide or large sizes for bariatric patients. They're often used in hospital or caretaking settings were mobility and stability on smooth floors is a concern.


Bariatric Patient Slipper Socks

Bariatric Patient Slipper Socks XXXL

These provide both excellent comfort to bariatric patients as well as safe walking in hospital or even home environments. Extra-wide and extremely soft, these breathable, slipper socks are extremely easy to wear even for patients with swelling in their feet. Treaded, non-skid soles help protect the feet while making it easier to walk on smooth surfaces.

That's not all we have! Just search for socks at Mountainside Medical and you'll see a wide variety of medical socks and stockings in different styles!

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