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Sports Medicine: Six Top Products for Athletes

Sports Medicine: Six Top Products for Athletes

Many sports are returning for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and athletes at all levels have been working doggedly to maintain performance during months without competition. We've got six sports medicine products below that will help you compete at your best and play through the pain!

1. Mountain Ice Pain Relieving Gel 

Made by our own founders of Mountainside Medical Equipment, Mountain Ice has taken the active ingredient of menthol and combined powerful all natural plants and extracts to create a unique formula that treats pain instantly! The combination of the all natural ingredients creates the perfect treatment for relieving pain, reducing inflammation, improving circulation, and promoting better muscle and joint healing. Mountain Ice is not only effective for treating pain and sore muscles, but also healthy and hydrating for your skin, making it the perfect pain relief option for runners and all other summer athletes.

To read more about the ingredients in Mountain Ice, click here


2. Kinesio Tex Gold Kinesiology Tape

You may have seen our recent article about the benefits kinesiology tape can provide, and if you attend the race this weekend you'll likely see the flexible, fabric tape adhered to many runners' shoulders and legs. Mueller Kinesiology Tape is designed to provide support to muscles and joints without limiting range of motion while also increasing natural blood flow around your muscles. Featuring a revolutionary wave pattern adhesive that moves with your skin and muscles as you heal, this versatile tape is hypoallergenic, latex-free, and can be worn for up to 5 days.

3. Dynarex Instant Cold Pack

The Dynarex instant cold pack is a cryotherapy ice pack for injuries to reduce swelling. This cold pack is a squeeze to activate the cold producing chemicals. Ready when you need them, the cold packs require no special preparation or refrigeration. Store them at room temperature and activate them in an instant with a firm squeeze and a gentle shake. Note: wrap the pack in a cloth cover and secure the cover with proper medical tape or rolled gauze. 


4. Jack Frost Hot and Cold Reusable Gel Pack

Jack Frost Hot and Cold Reusable Gel Pack 6 x 9

You may have seen our guide on when to use heat and when to use cold to heal injuries and reduce pain. Sometimes it takes some guesswork! But both hot and cold therapies are easy to practice on your own and as needed, and the right supplies make that even simpler. The Jack Frost Hot and Cold Reusable Gel Pack can be frozen or heated for both therapies, and is made of a flexible, soft-freeze technology that molds to an injured area even when cold. If you need a convenient, affordable option to relieve your pain from physical exertion, the Jack Frost Reusable Gel Pack is a necessity.

5. Aircast A60 Prophylactic Ankle Support

Aircast A60 Prophylactic Ankle Support

Designed for enhanced protection, comfort, and stabilization, the A60 Prophylactic Ankle Support helps treat chronic mild instability. Guard against ankle sprains and prevent rollover, even during athletic activity, with this breathable, lightweight, anatomically designed brace. Its molded, 60-degree ankle stabilizer fits in athletic footwear, making this the ideal choice to get back on the field or track while keeping your ankle stable.


6. CanDo Be Better Beginner General Rehab Kit


The CanDo Be Better General Rehab Kit is a light resistance therapy kit designed for at home exercises for patients being treated with clinical physical therapy. This kit features mild resistance workout supplies, CanDo exercise products, and Cold Spot pain relief products. Effective and easy to use, this kit helps increase your strength, all while enhancing your comfort. In addition, we have our intermediate rehab kit, and kits that specifically target different portions of the body, such as the knee and hip, the neck, shoulders, lower back, and hand and wrist


Please consult with your doctor or other qualified health care professional before taking any medication, supplements, or beginning any health regimen.

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