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Nasopharyngeal Airway Tube 28 french - 7.0mm

by Dynarex
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The Dynarex Nasopharyngeal Airway is a high-quality tubular device designed to help keep patients’ airways open for improved oxygenation and ventilation. The Dynarex Nasopharyngeal Airway features a fixed flange end to limit the depth of insertion and internal striations to allow for smoother passage of suction catheters. Dynarex Nasopharyngeal Airway Kits include an assortment of airways in multiple sizes to accommodate patients’ specific needs, and packets of lubrication jelly for added convenience. Each kit comes with either 6 or 9 airways for ultimate versatility. 
Benefits of Using Dynarex Nasopharyngeal Airway Tube
  • Ensures precise and secure placement of the airway tube.
  • Oxygen enrichment rate can be dependent on patient or desired setting.
  • Clear Sidearm simplifies patient assessment and deep insertion management.
  • Unique proven design slides easily and flexibly into nasal passage.
  • Radiopaque material facilitates visualization under X-Ray.
  • Permanently lubrizon exterior aids insertion and minimizes risk of mucosal trauma.
  • Anatomical Tip facilitates course adjustment for secure and safe passage into airways.
  • Cuffed to maximize bypass flow of air between nose/throat and lungs.
  • Thin wall design helps reduce the risk of barotrauma toenns or airway irritation.
  • Smooth inner surface to help reduce mucosal trauma and facilitate passage of drugs during emergency intubation.

The Dynarex Nasopharyngeal Airway is a safe, easy to use tool that is inserted into a patient's nose to help maintain an open airway during diagnostic exams and procedures. The Nasopharyngeal Airway is designed to ensure a smooth, moderate fit with an increased level of patient comfort. Its flexible, yet rigid design allows users to easily adjust the placement and length. The Dynarex Nasopharyngeal Airway measures 28 French and 7.0 mm in diameter. Its soft, powder-filled nose piece facilitates oronasal breathing. The product also comes with curled and crushed nasal installing bails for easy placement. Patients can trust the Dynarex Nasopharyngeal Airway for safe, secure measures and protection during simple to complicated medical examinations and procedures.

Instructions on How to Use Dynarex Nasopharyngeal Airway Tube
1. Gently insert the nasopharyngeal airway tube 18 French into the nostril of the patient.
2. Advance the airway tube, taking care to guide the distal end and not insert it too far.
3. Confirm the correct positioning of the nasopharyngeal aidway tube by assessing the player's airway. If the placement is correct, the patient should be able to comfortably breathe without forcing the airways with agonal efforts or facial grimacing.
4. Secure the airway tube in place by securely taping it to the patient's face.
5. When the Dynarex nasopharyngeal airway tube is in position, ensure the endotigate is connected, allowing the patient to receive oxygen.
6. Monitor the patient's breathing to ensure the proper functioning of the airway tube and endotigte.
7. Dispose of the Dynarex nasopharyngeal airway tube according to medical waste protocols after use.


  • Designed to be inserted into the nasal passage
  • Fixed flange design limits the depth of insertion for safe, secure placement
  • Constructed from soft materials for enhanced comfort
  • Features rounded tip for gentle insertion
  • Strong, flexible tubing resists collapse and kinking
  • Not made from natural rubber latex

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