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Sterilization Pouches (Self-Sealing) 200/Box

by Dyanrex
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Sterilization pouches work by trapping air and steam inside the pouch, which kills any bacteria or viruses. The pouches are then sealed, which creates a sterile environment. This process is used to sterilize medical equipment, such as needles and scalpels.

Sterilization Pouches (Self-Sealing)  are designed for easy, secure instrument sterilization. Made with wet strength treated medical grade paper, these sterile pouches feature an extra wide seal, perforated fold, are tear-resistant, and have arrows to indicate when processed.
An instrument sterilization pouch is a sterile barrier system that is used to protect medical instruments from contamination. The pouch is made of a durable material that is impervious to moisture and air. The pouch is heat sealed to create a sterile environment. The pouch can be autoclaved or sterilized with a chemical agent.
- Dual steam and EtO process indicator arrows
- Medical grade paper
- Extra wide chevron seal
- Easy open thumb notch
- Blue tinted transparent film
- Triple sealed edges
- Resists separation or tearing
- Perforated fold

These sterilization pouches (self-sealing) make protecting your instruments from contamination easy. The six corner tack seals and prevents the corners from curling and resists separation, tearing, and dust collection near the edges, while the extra wide chevron seal protects against instrument puncture.
Triple sealed to resist separation near the edges or tearing, these sterilization pouches also have dual steam and EtO process indicator arrows to visually show you that the instruments in that pouch have been processed. For safe, easy instrument sterilization and protection, choose Dynarex sterilization!

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Sterilization Pouches (Self-Sealing) 200/Box