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Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Nipple Cream 40g, Hypoallergenic 100% Natural

$ 13.75
SKU 44677-0100-20

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin is designed to soothe, heal and protect sore nipples. Made with Lanolin HPA - the purest form of lanolin - this cream is safe for mom and baby and does not need to be removed prior to breastfeeding. Each 2oz tube is fast acting, moisturizing and 100% natural as it is free of preservatives, additives, and fragrances and is stored in a BPA/Phthalate free tube.

For moisturizing nipple relief that is 100% safe for you and your baby, try Lansinoh's HPA Lanolin cream. This cream is made of lanolin in it's purest form – no chemicals like preservatives, additives, or fragrances which not only makes it safe for ingestion as your baby breastfeeds, but also highly effective in healing your irritated skin. It provides a moist healing environment for the skin which slows down the evaporation of the skin's natural moisture, while still allowing the skin to breath for rapid relief. Try HPA Lanolin - the world's purest lotion – a cream that provides instant pain relief.


  • Soothes, heals and protects sore nipples
  • Recommended for use after breastfeeding, so it has time to absorb into the skin


What is HPA Lanolin?

  • Lanolin that has been refined to remove all allergenic components - any environmental impurities are brought to the lowest level possible
  • It is so safe, that it does not have to be removed prior to breastfeeding
  • Allows the skin to heal itself by providing a moist healing environment which slows down the natural skin moisture evaporation while allowing the skin to breathe
  • Many mothers reported instant pain relief!


Lansinoh Lotion Features:

  • Safe for mom and baby
  • Does not need to be removed prior to breastfeeding
  • Fast acting
  • Moisturizing
  • 100% natural
  • World's purest lotion
  • Preservative free
  • Additive free
  • Fragrance free
  • BPA/phthalate free tube
  • 2oz tube
  • Sold by:  Each

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