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Dry Mouth Gel by GC America

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Dry Mouth Gel by GC America is a dental product that is used to help individuals who experience dry mouth symptoms. Dry mouth, also known as xerostomia, is a condition where the mouth does not produce enough saliva, resulting in a dry and uncomfortable feeling. This gel is designed to provide moisture and lubrication to the mouth, helping to alleviate symptoms of dry mouth. It contains ingredients like xylitol, which can help stimulate saliva production, and aloe vera, which can soothe and moisturize the mouth. Dry Mouth Gel can be applied throughout the day as needed to provide relief from dry mouth symptoms.

GC America Oral Dry Mouth Gel is designed to ease the symptoms of dry mouth. Flavored dry mouth oral gel is great for patients suffering from impaired saliva production due to medications, radiation/chemotherapy treatments, or diseases that can damage salivary glands. This oral gel has a neutral pH, pleasant taste, and is both sugar and alcohol free. 

Did you know that dry mouth can affect everyone? It's true. Not only can medications, medical treatment, and disease affect your saliva production, but inadequate water intake, dehydration due to physical activity, mouth breathing, and dehydration from high intakes of caffeine or alcohol can also cause dry mouth.

GC America, a leader in oral and dental health products such as MI Paste and MI Paste Plus, has developed a great-tasting oral gel that will relieve dry mouth so that you can feel comfortable again. This gel is long lasting, can easily be applied at any time, and can be used multiple times throughout the day, as needed. Simply place a generous amount of GC dry mouth gel onto your finger or tongue, and smear over the buccal and lingual surfaces of the teeth and oral tissues. 

For instant, lasting relief from dry mouth symptoms, use GC Dry Mouth Gel.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Migel G. (Boerne, Texas, United States)

Thanks I got my order thank you again!

Jeanelle F. (Dayton, Ohio, United States)

GC America Dry Mouth Gel

Steve M. (Benton, Arkansas, United States)
GC Dry mouth gel

Great product and much better than the paste. Mountainside Medical are Great to do business with. Merry Christmas to all.

Jamie B. (Washington, District of Columbia, United States)
Outstanding product

This gel is the best for managing dry mouth symptoms

Frank S. (Irvington, New York, United States)
Mouth gel

Great price and excellent shipping thanks

MaryJean T. (Rathdrum, Idaho, United States)
GC Dry Mouth

My husband had oral cancer in 2008, with radiation to his neck, which affected his salivary glands. After using several different brands of saliva replacer,, he quickly settled on Dry Mouth Gel , which I was able to purchase thru our supplier in the dental office where I worked. He is totally dependent on your product, carries it with him EVERYWHERE!!! He will use this for his lifetime!!! and recommends it to other cancer survivors needing the same help. Thank you!!

Linda C.

Great product for my husband who had Oral CAncer and radiation treatment

Mary A. (Scottsdale, Arizona, United States)
Great dry mouth gel!

I wear an anti snore device that pulls my lower jaw forward. This works great to stop/reduce the snoring but keeps my mouth slightly open causing dry mouth. I’ve tried other gels but for me the GC Dry Mouth Gel has been the only one that works. I’ve been using this gel for several years and am very pleased with the results-highly recommended!

Brenda H. (Warrior, Alabama, United States)

My husband has sjogrens syndrome and uses a bipap machine, both causing extremely dry mouth. The gel was recommended by our hygienist. A good recommendation.

Patricia S. (Lowell, Indiana, United States)
Dry mouth gel

Excellent service. And quality product