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(10-Pack) MI Paste Oral Paste Variety Pack - 5 Flavors

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A MI Paste Oral Paste Variety Pack is a package that includes different flavors of MI Paste, a topical paste designed to provide essential minerals and calcium to help strengthen and protect teeth. These packs typically contain multiple tubes of different flavors, such as mint, strawberry, and vanilla, to provide options for those who may prefer different tastes. MI Paste is often recommended by dentists for patients experiencing tooth sensitivity, enamel erosion, or dry mouth.

The MI Paste Variety Pack is a unique pack of five flavor tubes of MI Paste. The MI Paste is said to be a highly concentrated formula that can be used up to twice a day to help protect teeth from cavities and strengthen enamel. The MI Paste Supreme is said to be a "gentler formula that can be used up to four times a day and is designed for children." Both formulations of MI Paste are said to contain "triple the amount of fluoride as toothpaste." The MI Paste website also says that "MI Paste is the only dental product that contains RECALDENT (CPP-ACP), which helps to rebuild the lost minerals in teeth." The MI Paste Variety Pack is said to be "ideal for those who want to experience the benefits of both MI Paste Plus and MI Paste.." MI Paste by GC America variety pack offers a range of flavor choices all in one box. MI Paste helps restore demineralized tooth areas, reduce white spots and prevent dry mouth. Made with a patented formula, MI Paste replaces lost minerals and improves saliva flow and fluoride uptake for healthier, stronger, longer-lasting teeth.

    • Dry mouth and sensitivity prevention
    • Cavity protection
    • Ensures healthy oral environment
    • For home or dental office use
    • 10 tubes (2 tubes of each flavor

    MI Paste Variety Pack can provide relief for those suffering from dry mouth and tooth sensitivity. The unique combination of minerals in the MI Paste provide fast and long lasting relief. MI Paste can also be used to prevent dental cavities and helps remineralize soft and early caries in the tooth. MI Paste's calcium and phosphate also help restore surface enamel to increase strength. There are several types of MI Paste in this Variety Pack, each providing unique benefits to the user. Sub-Lingual Salts and Flavored MI Paste are ideal for moisturizing teeth and tongue and provide fresh breath. Whey-based MI Paste works to remineralize soft or early caries, while Portable Professional MI Paste is strong enough to combat dry mouth caused by Sjogren's Syndrome. All of these M Paste's make the Variety Pack a great choice for individuals of all ages to achieve maximum oral care.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Lu (San Francisco, California, United States)
    Buy this today!!!

    This paste has saved me from so much pain.
    I can eat ice cream & drink cold beverages without cringing. So easy to use & with great results. I highly suggest this product.

    David R. (Idyllwild, California, United States)


    Doug T. (Seattle, Washington, United States)
    It’s doing the job

    My dentist recommended MI Paste to help rebuild the enamel on my teeth, and it seems to be working. During my last checkup, he said, “Keep doing what you’re doing.” MI Paste is a part of my regular dental health regime.

    Andrew P. (White Lake, Michigan, United States)
    Great fluoride free product

    My daughters and I use MI Paste everyday. I’m glad to have a fluoride free product that helps with preventing cavities and sensitivity. I’ve bought it from a few different places, and Mountain Side Medical is the best I have found. Most professional and best shipping and packaging.

    Jeanie H. (Osceola, Iowa, United States)

    Shared with my daughter. She liked it.

    D&S (Four Oaks, North Carolina, United States)
    So excited!

    We were excited to see a variety pack available for the mi paste. Also, their prices are so much better than anywhere else I've found. Thanks, Mountainside Medical!

    Peter k. (Campbell, California, United States)
    Great service and fast shipment !

    ordered a box of MI paste for 2022 year and got here fast and good service and the best price on the Net, hands down. Been ordering from MME for several years now and they have not let me down! Will order from them for years to come!

    Peter K.

    John G. (Wadsworth, Ohio, United States)
    NOT YET RECEIVED!!!!!!!!

    NOT YET RECEIVED!!!!!!!!

    Jessica E. (Cypress, Texas, United States)
    MI Paste Order

    Great service, package arrived earlier than expected. Mountainside was very prompt in filling the order. The product arrived perfectly.

    Gunther G. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

    This vendor sells at a consistently fair price. He’s also a veteran. I usually order a 10-pack of MI Paste, NOT the fluoridated MI Paste Plus. The product has made an enormous difference in the condition of my mouth after I had every single tooth crowned and bridged. That’s a big investment (as much as a nice new car) to protect. Now my gums never bleed, unlike previously.