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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

MI Paste with Recaldent 40 Gram Tube Mint Flavor

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Reduce visits to the dentist by strengthening your tooth enamel and help block acids from harming your teeth. MI Paste tooth cream that adheres to soft tissue, plaque and calcium and phosphate in the saliva. This action buffers acids and reduces the plaque acid effects on your teeth keeping them healthy and strong.
    • Contains Recaldent (CPP-ACP) – a milk-derived protein
    • Strengthens tooth enamel
    • Reduces sensitivity
    • Reduces acid effects

    Causes: Excessive consumption of highly acidic drinks, such as sodas or sports drinks, can cause erosion on your tooth surfaces and increase your chance of developing these white spots.

    Medical conditions: Dry mouth (xerostomia) caused by medications, disease, chemotherapy, smoking, drug use, and even stress. Sensitivity caused from exposed roots, tooth whitening, abraded or eroded teeth, cavities or cracked teeth. Enamel decay from drinking soda and other sweet drinks, sugary and carbohydrate-laden snacks and foods, sugary candies, dry mouth, drug and tobacco use.

      What MI Paste does for oral health:

        • Reverse tooth sensitivity and restore enamel gloss
        • Relieve dry mouth caused by various medications
        • Reduces high oral acid levels due to excessive soft drink consumption or pregnancy
        • Reverses tooth sensitivity before and after professional cleanings
        • Buffers acids produced by bacteria and plaque
        • Regular conditioning during orthodontics, during and after band/bracket removal (prevents and reverses white spots on teeth)
        • Provides a topical coating for patients suffering from erosion, caries and conditions stemming from xerostomia (dry mouth)

          Not only does MI paste prevent your teeth from decaying, reduce sensitivity and remove those unsightly white spots, but it also helps to restore your smile for a better, healthier you. MI Paste is available in a variety of great tasting flavors and is safe for children over the age of 6 and pregnant women.



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          Customer Reviews

          Based on 86 reviews
          beherenow (Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, United States)
          Recommended by dental hygienist

          I have been using this for a few years now and have been pleased about how it is helping my tooth enamel. This site has the best price.

          Happy (Georgetown, Texas, United States)
          Legit Website

          I ordered from Moutainside Medical Equipment, shipping was standard and took about a week. I would order from them again. Mi Paste is great. It has saved my kids teeth after removing braces. Mi Paste was recommended by their holistic dentist, it remineralized the cavities that were started behind from the glue, all three healed using mi paste (non fluoride version).

          Phyllis P. (Pleasant Garden, North Carolina, United States)
          Great stuff

          My dentist gave me a tube to use after a lot of dental work...I loved it and glad I was able to find it....It really works!!!!

          Lisa H. (Oxford, New York, United States)
          Keeps cavities away

          I like the reduced sensitivity this provides.

          Janice R. (Carlotta, California, United States)
          MI Paste

          I think it really helped with sensitivity pain that I had from getting a crown. It started to calm down as soon as I began using it. Thank you for your product!

          Maurice T. (Rising Sun, Maryland, United States)
          Excellent service

          The flavor I originally ordered was on back order and the company was kind enough to email me directly asking if I wanted to wait the 1-3 weeks or if I wanted to choose a different flavor. I chose a different flavor. It was delivered quickly. Both flavors I have tried have been wonderful and have helped with a cosmetic dental issue. I’m very pleased with the service and product.

          Isabella (Pembroke, Massachusetts, United States)
          Happy with the results

          My dental hygienist recommended MI paste to me as I'm hesitant to use fluoride. I had noticed a white spot had formed on one of teeth about two months after I started wearing a sleep apnea mouthpiece. I'm already noticing a difference and my tooth sensitivity has also disappeared! Mountainside Medical is also great! I also get the added benefit of supporting a Veteran owned business with my purchase of MI paste which makes it even better.

          William J. (Sacramento, California, United States)
          Great Supplier

          Couldn't ask for a better vendor. Fast shipping and follow up on order, I highly recommend them for your medical supply needs.

          Yuri P. (Rohnert Park, California, United States)

          MI Paste with Recaldent 40 Gram Tube Mint Flavor

          Merle N. (Hercules, California, United States)

          Ordered wrong one. Meant to order Mi Paste Plus wit the fluoride.