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MI Paste with Recaldent 40 Gram Tube Strawberry

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MI Paste with Recaldent 40 gm Tube Strawberry is a sugar free cream that helps prevent and reduce demineralization areas and white spot lesions in the teeth. Made with 10% Recaldent (CPP-ACP), a protein derived from milk, this professional dental paste replaces lost minerals and improves saliva flow and fluoride uptake and help prevent/soothe tooth sensitivity.


  MI Paste Features:

  • Active ingredient: Recaldent (CPP-ACP)
  • Strengthens tooth enamel
  • Reduces sensitivity
  • Buffers plaque acid
  • Use twice daily after brushing with fluoride toothpaste
  • Speed and effectiveness depends on the person’s individual situation and usage
  • Strawberry flavor
  • 40 ml tube

When Is MI Paste Used?

  • Before and after tooth whitening
  • During pregnancy
  • Children under six years old
  • During and following orthodontic treatment
  • For desensitizing
  • To provide extra protection for teeth

Note:  Speed and effectiveness depends on the person’s individual situation and usage

Brand: GC America

Are you at risk for tooth decay? MI Paste helps give your teeth the added protection they need from everyday adversaries like acidic foods, dry-mouth-causing medications, orthodontics, and more. Buy MI Paste online at Mountainside Medical Equipment for a low cost.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Christine S. (Dorchester, Massachusetts, United States)
Good stuff

Pleasant taste

Christine P. (Tampa, Florida, United States)
This stuff works!

I have a tooth where the root is partially exposed. Talk about pain! The M1 Paste has helped to calm it down. No pain when drinking anything hot or cold. Highly recommend.

Heather R. (Chesterland, Ohio, United States)

MI Paste with Recaldent 40 Gram Tube Strawberry

Sandra C. (Portland, Oregon, United States)
MI PASTE - Strawberry

This paste has been a real help in keeping my teeth from getting so sensitive that it hurts to eat. That's where I was at, but with the help of a night guard to hold the paste on my teeth, the sensitivity is controllable now.

Lauren G.
Great company

I haven’t used the MI Paste I ordered long enough to give a real review but the order process worth Mountainside Medical was very positive. I placed my order and it arrived much faster than I expected and the company reached out to make sure everything had gone well. Really nice positive experience.

mrom (Chicago, Illinois, United States)
Great for use during or after chemo or other treatment.

Certain medical treatments can destroy your teeth. This product heals them and makes them stronger. I highly recommend using this product before bedtime!

Douglas L. (Los Osos, California, United States)
First order satisfaction

Very pleased with quick delivery of product.

Kelly A.
Glad I found this

Flavor great just what i wanted. A little expensive but it is everywhere. Great for using after whitening teeth! A must have

Elissa (Seattle, Washington, United States)

I'm a Dental hygienist and I currently work in a community health clinic, so we aren't allowed to sell products. I've been using MI Paste for years and it's been the first thing that has prevented me from getting cavities all the time. It neutralizes the pH and strengthens teeth. Fast shipping! I'll be buying again! Thank you!

CONNIE G. (Orlando, Florida, United States)
MI Paste

I been using Strawberry MI Paste w/Recaident for approx. 10 years. It works well. My teeth are very sensitive. MI paste has built a barrier so that I can cold items without pain. It is an excellent product and I highly recommended it.