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Drive Medical Half Length Bed Rail with Adjustable Width

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Help prevent patients or a loved one from falling out of bed by using the Half Length Bed Rail with a Tool-free Adjustable Width to provide enhanced safety and protection. Conveniently designed to be compatible with most types of hospital beds with steel frames, these rails are also compliant with the FDA Hospital Bed System Dimensional and Assessment Guidelines for reducing the chances of having patients getting entrapped between the bars on the rail.

**Please note that these rails are not for use with "Pan-Style" bed surfaces.



  • Helps keep patients from falling out of bed
  • Enhances bedside safety
  • Adjustable rail length of 36", 38", 40", 42"  
  • Fits most beds that have steel frames
  • Quickly and easily installs
  • Attractive brown vein finish
  • Made out of 1" steel
  • Limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • Sold by: the pair


  • Strategically designed to reduce the risks for patient entrapment
  • Rail length can be adjusted from 36" to 42" (in 2" increments) to increase or decrease the amount of space that is between the rail and the mattress
  • Rail length is quickly and easily adjusted without needing to use any tools!
  • Provides ideal protection when the bed is in an elevated position
  • These rails are durable, featuring the strength of 1” steel to safely support patients’ weights and be resistant to bending
  • Brown-vein finish is easy on the eyes and less institutional looking
  • Can be used with most types of beds with steel frames


Manufacturer: Drive Medical

Product Number:  DRV-15208BV


Using the Half Length Bed Rail with a Tool-free Adjustable Width is a great way to enhance bed safety and prevent patients from falling out of bed, but without the risks of having patients get stuck between the bars on the rail. Take advantage of special low pricing and order today! Simply place your order online through our website or by calling 1-888-687-4334 and speaking with one of our astounding Medical Supply Associates.

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