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DuoDERM Extra Thin Hydrocolloid Dressings 6 x 6 inch Square, Sterile 10/Box

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DuoDERM Extra Thin Hydrocolloid Dressings are a type of wound dressing that is designed to promote healing and protect a wound from infection. They are made from a thin, flexible, and adhesive hydrocolloid material that can conform to the shape of the wound and provide a moist environment for healing. The 6 x 6 inch size is suitable for larger wounds. They are sterile, meaning they are free from bacteria and other microorganisms that could cause infection. These dressings are commonly used to treat ulcers, burns, and other types of wounds.


Benefits for DuoDERM Extra Thin Hydrocolloid Dressings 6 x 6 inch:

1. Superior Protection: DuoDERM Extra Thin Hydrocolloid Dressings form a protective barrier over the wound to prevent contamination, infection, and further damage.

2. Minimal Disruption: The extra thin design of these dressings allows for maximum flexibility and flexibility, minimizing any disruption to daily activities.

3. Appropriate for Sensitive Skin: The hydrocolloid materials used in these dressings are gentle on the skin, making them suitable for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

4. Easy Application: These dressings are self-adhesive, making them easy to apply without the need for additional tape or bandages.

5. Promotes Healing: The hydrocolloid material creates a moist environment on the wound, which promotes faster healing and reduces scarring.

6. Long-lasting: The 6 x 6 inch size of these dressings provides ample coverage for larger wounds and can be worn for several days without needing to be changed, reducing the frequency of dressing changes.

7. Versatile: DuoDERM Extra Thin Hydrocolloid Dressings are suitable for a wide range of wounds, including superficial wounds, burns, surgical wounds, and pressure ulcers.

8. Cost-effective: These dressings are affordable and can help reduce healthcare costs by promoting faster healing and reducing the need for frequent dressing changes.

9. Long Shelf Life: These dressings have a long shelf life and can be conveniently stored for future use.

10. Clinically Proven: These dressings have been clinically proven to effectively promote wound healing, making them a trusted choice by healthcare professionals.


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