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Pill Crusher Pouches, Clear, 1000 Count - Dynarex

by Dynarex
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Dynarex Pill Crusher Pouches are an ideal way to conveniently crush pills. They are designed to hold and crush pills into a fine powder and are durable enough for daily use. Pill Crusher Pouches save time and eliminate cross-contamination associated with snorting or drinking medications. The reinforced seams prevent leaks, creating a reliable solution for managing large amounts of pills. Dynarex Pill Crusher Pouches are the perfect choice for making pill consumption easier and more efficient.

Pill Crusher Pouches are a great tool for safely and conveniently crushing pills for those with difficulty swallowing medication. Using the pouch allows the user to comfortably and quickly crush their pills and reduce them to a powder form that medial practitioners might administer. Pill Crusher Pouches are simple to use, just place the pill in the pouch, fold over the top and press, and the pill is crushed and contained into a fine powder. Pill Crusher Pouches help avoid any spills, and facilitates an easier method for medication administration than traditional crushing with a mortar and pestle. With help from Pill Crusher Pouches, people who generally have difficulty swallowing medication or require a crushed pill form, can now administer their medication much easier and quickly with minimal mess.

Benefits of Dynarex Pill Crusher Pouches

  • Improved sanitation - Since the Dynarex pill crusher pouches are designed to be disposable, they offer improved sanitation compared to other non-disposable pill crushers.
  • Convenient - The Dynarex pill crusher pouch comes in pre-measured, sealed doses, making them easy and convenient for caregivers to access when administering medications.
  • Portable - The Dynarex pill crusher pouch is slim and compact, so it is easy to take it on the go.
  • Airtight - The Dynarex pill crusher pouch is designed to keep contents airtight to preserve potency and effectiveness. Avoid cross-contamination - By using new pouches for every dose, you can help avoid the spread of germs and cross-contamination. Reduced medication waste
  • The Dynarex pill crusher pouch is designed to produce the desired dosage in one pouch so there is no need for cutting and splitting pills or dealing with loose medication. Accurate dosing – With the Dynarex pill crusher pouch, caregivers can accurately measure and administer medication in single doses that are appropriate for the patient.
  • Affordable – The Dynarex pill crusher pouch is cost-effective and light on the wallet

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Customer Reviews

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linda b. (Avondale, Arizona, United States)

my order came thru as requested.we are very pleased with your service. thank you linda beeby

VEEB (Hicksville, United States)
Great Pouches

We are a school and the price for these Pouch Bags was perfect! It enables us to provide our students with real hands experience.

Mike K.

1000 Dynarex Pill Crusher Pouch Bags, Clear

Phoebe J.
Best yet

They are great