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About the Airsep Freestyle POC

The FreeStyle Portable Oxygen Concentrator is the only portable oxygen concentrator that is tailored specifically for those patients who know no boundaries. This lightweight, portable device is marketable to patients who want to live the best life possible without limitation. The device offers up to 3 settings and has the same weight advantage of the smallest contents-based systems, along with an unlimited supply of oxygen for any travel experience.


The FreeStyle’s built in battery provides sufficient duration between recharges so patients no longer have to worry about running out of oxygen. For patients who want an alternative carrying method, the FreeStyle offers an optional backpack harness. A carry-all bag for unit accessories is included.


Freestyle Portable Oxygen Concentrator Features 

- Oxygen Concentration:* 1-3 pulse settings of 90% +5.5/-3%

- Dimensions: 8.6 in. high x 6.1 in. wide x 3.6 in. deep

- Weight: 4.4 lb (2 kg),

- (Optional) AirBelt: 1.8 lb (0.8 kg)

- Power: Universal Power Supply: 100 – 240 VAC

- 11-16 VDC (6.0 amps max at 13.5 VDC nominal)

- Rechargeable, lithium battery

- FreeStyle Unit: 28 W at the 3 setting

- Battery: 3 setting

- Optional AirBelt when combined with the internal battery

- Battery recharge time: 3.5 hours

- Optional AirBelt: 3 hours

- Warm-up time: 2 minutes

- Battery cycle life: Approximately 300 cycles, then 80% capacity or below

- Audible alarms and visual indicators:

- Sound: 38 dBA at 1 setting; 41 dBA at 2 setting; 44 dBA at 3 setting

- Temperature range: Operational temperature: 41ºF to 104ºF (5ºC to 40ºC.)

- Altitude: Up to 12,000 ft (3,657.6 m.)


Airsep Freestyle 5

AirSep is the world’s expert in oxygen generating technology. The FreeStyle™ 5 is the new, full-capacity portable oxygen concentrator from AirSep. It is an attractive, contemporary, non-medical looking device that allows patients to be as active as possible by providing pulse-flow oxygen delivery. The FreeStyle offers 5 pulse setting options to ensure that the more complicated oxygen patients can exercise with having all the access to the oxygen they need in a lightweight, compact, portable unit.


The Free Style 5 model provides patients with all the advantages of the standard free-style unit, like reliability and durability, in a slightly larger platform for greater capacity. The FreeStyle 5 is the lightest higher-capacity POC on the market and is easy to use and operate.


The FreeStyle 5 offers multiple power options. It can be used and recharged simultaneously through a universal AC/DC power supply. With this option, the patient can depend on the flexibility of what the FreeStyle 5 offers whenever and wherever the unit is used. The lightweight AirBelt accessory, which is designed to be conveniently worn around the waist, makes it possible for extended battery times between recharges. The AirBelt option is marketable to patients because it allows them the ability to maximize duration time on FreeStyle 5 for occasions when AC or DC power is not available.


The POC keyboard and the AirBelt both have digital displays to tell patients of remaining battery life in 25% increments, which corresponds with how much operating time remains before needing to recharge the unit.

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