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Ear Irrigation Kits

Have you struggled with excessive ear wax(cerumen) buildup? Many individuals have found that q-tips, curettes, and ear drops do not always satisfactorily clear the ear of wax and debris resulting in discomfort and infection. There are a variety of more advanced ear irrigation kits that can help to remove cerumen effectively without causing harm to the ear canal or drum.


Perfect for children, Murine offers an Earigate Cleansing System designed to breakup and flush out excessive earwax. The pressurized canister directs a specialized formula into the ear canal without the tip being placed so deep as to contact the ear drum. A child friendly design and mixture breaks up wax so that it may be drained safely.


There are also units available for ear wax removal procedures typically reserved for older children, adults, and more significant blockages. The most basic type is the Bionix OtoClear Ear Irrigation Kit. This product consists of a spray bottle, catch basin, and specially designed tip. The OtoClear tips fit comfortably in the outer ear and spray away from the tympanic membrane to prevent hemorrhaging. There is a manual trigger for controlling the amount, frequency, and duration of sprays.


Some individuals and care providers prefer the automation found on the Bionix Lavage Ear Irrigation Kit. This Waterpik is designed to fit comfortably in the outer ear much like the OtoClear manual system. The differences, however, include the ability to control the spray and have automated irrigation while traveling. The spray is discharged with an automated pulse and distributes flow around the inner ear much like the OtoClear.


More likely to be used for facility procedures, the Welch Allyn Ear irrigation kits come with the ability to automatically monitor flow, temperature, and even suction blockages safely. The additional monitoring and controls afforded by this unit give the care provider more control over the treatment to ensure comfort and effectiveness.


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