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Employee Drug Abuse

Do you have an employee who may be abusing drugs?


Drug use in the American workforce has continued to remain a persistent problem. While general drug use has declined in some areas of the general population, the use of drugs has remained stable or even mildly increased in some areas, such as marijuana (both natural and the newer more dangerous synthetic varieties) and the popularity of abusing prescription drugs.  Today 74.8% of drug users in the US are actively employed in our workforce. Possible employee drug abuse can be responsible for a number of negative professional and social consequences.


These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Declining work productivity and quality
  • Increased worker absenteeism
  • More hostile work atmosphere
  • Increased chance of work place injury 
  • General deterioration of workplace environment


With such a high prevalence of employee drug abuse it is important for employers to remain vigilant in maintaining their zero tolerance policy standards. Don’t let a serious situation like this ruin your business. Have your employees use a private multi-panel drug test kit - they are quick and accurate providing your company with a better capacity to hire and retain high quality drug-free employees.


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