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Fat Loss Monitor with Scale

The Omron Fat Loss Monitor with Scale has a variety of features. The 3 key health and fitness indicators provided are body-fat percentage, body-mass index (BMI) and body weight. This scale includes a 4-person profile with previous measurement results and an easy on/off switch at the base. An excellent feature is the large LCD display, to help ensure your results are seen clearly.

The results the Fat Loss Monitor with Scale provides are extremely accurate and show up in just seconds. The scale allows the user to monitor more than just weight for a more complete view of physical health and well-being. Not only can you monitor how much weight you have lost, but also the amount of body fat and body mass you are losing, as well. The Omron Fat Loss Monitor and Scale accommodates both men and women from ages 10-80.

Mountainside Medical Equipment is a proud supplier of the Omron Fat Loss Monitor with Scale and offers it at an affordable, low price. Make your purchase today by placing an order online through our website, or by calling 1-888-687-4334 and speaking with one of our friendly Medical Supply Specialists.